Agora Mall – A Foodie’s Delight

If you are a foodie and always craving for great food then Agora Mall is just the right place for you. Great food, great ambiance and amazing offers all the time, what more can we ask for!

What is even more amazing is the diversity of restaurants; it is not as if you would find each restaurant serving almost the same food. Each restaurant is different and has some new to offer. Agora Mall boasts of seven different thematic restaurants and each one lives up to its expectations.

Restaurants in Agora Mall

  1. Spirit O Soul
  2. The Masala County
  3. Sizzling Shihai
  4. Aagrah
  5. Aagrah Banquets
  6. Food Court
  7. Kaffee Mast Hai

With such a wide variety, there is something for everyone.

Spirit O Soul is definitely for the times when you want to party hard, or looking for a classy place with amazing food, very much apt for business lunches, parties or a fun dinner with family and friends. The food is to die for.

Their Enchiladas are worth trying and so is Risotto Primavera. The flavours are exquisite and spiced in a balanced manner. Did we mention, you cannot miss their most special Baked Lasagna. Yummm!!!

The Masala County is perfect for a quiet lunch or dinner with the families especially when you are looking for some finest Indian cuisines. Colorful seating, a lot spacious, very soothing ambiance and obviously a food above everything, all this surely makes

The Masala County a favorite. We just loved their Shahi Malai Kofta and the breads/Rotis were so soft and well cooked. The food is very well prepared and served. The menu is extensively elaborate and you have numerous of options to try.

Who doesn’t love delicious Chinese food? For the ones who just can’t do without Chinese cuisines must visit Sizzling Shihai in Agora Mall. And it is not just the Chinese food; they serve Thai, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Burmese delicacies as well.

So you just can’t have enough of them, every time you visit Sizzling Shihai, you will have something new worth trying. It is very very beautifully styled restaurant and just gives you a warm invited feeling, and the food is divine.

Aagrah is for everyone who loves Gujarat, so basically it is for all of us. Traditional Gujarati Thali and wow! Wow! Taste is superb. Very well styled and the brass utensils add to the authenticity of the place.

The thalis are elaborate and you have got to try the Maha Bhog. You just can’t stop eating when the food is this good. At the same time Aagrah Banquets make sure you have enough reasons to celebrate special occasions with your family and friends with ample space and even better service.

Kaffee Mast Hai! “Open 24*7, free wifi, Live screening of All Matches i.e. Football, Cricket & many more And lip smacking delicacies. What else do you need when you want to hang out with your gang? This is the most loved hang out zone, trust us. The food is good, the ambiance is unique and you are bound to come back again and again.

Agora Mall Food Court: Any mall is incomplete without an extensive food court and Agora Mall, most probably boasts of a large food court, specious places to sit and eat numerous eateries and amazing discounts and offers. No doubt it is always full of people and life.