Gup Shup Over Coffee at Kaffee Mast Hai

Yeah it’s a weekend and let’s makes it more memorable with friends and some gup-shup over coffee at the most happing place in Ahmedabad “kaffee-mast-hai” located at Shree Balaji Agora Mall near Sardar Patel Ring Rd, Motera, Ahmedabad

Coffee brings friends together and make lovely memories that we can never ever forget and adding a charm of the place, crowd always gives feeling of joy and happiness around with friends.

The place should not only have coffee, should have music, mouth water rishpy snacks, and a happing place that a person or gang of people should feel their present with deeper connection to their lifestyle.

“kaffee mast hai” not only serves with different types of coffees, but have lots more to give your taste buds a boost with exciting new flavors of sandwiches, burgers, nachos , samosas, and lots more mouthwatering crisp snacks.

A place is always coming up with exciting new dishes every month with flavors that will make you feel to repeat the order again and again, the restaurant theme is specially designed to make your feel comfortable and happy.

Considering the top coffee restaurant in Ahmedabad with endless amenities to enjoy with friends, here “kaffee mast hai servers” more that you have thought with exciting new entertainment zone of the coward.

Top Mocktails at “Kaffee Mast Hai”

• Cinderella – Non-alcoholic Blue Curacao infused with orange juice topped with vanilla ice cream.

 Designated Appletini – Green apple crush with lime juice and sugar syrup, crushed ice, topped with soda.

• Sundowner – Grape juice with fresh mint leaves and lime juice.

 Mid-Summer Dream– Rose syrup, pineapple juice with kiwi and banana crush topped with soda.

• Orange Lime Relaxer – Orange juice with lime juice and sprite, topped with lime wedge.

• Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri – Pineapple juice in emulsion with fresh strawberries.

• Watermelon Breeze – Chopped chilled watermelon with fresh coconut water and ice.

This is not the end we serve more with pizza, hand burgers, french-fries, and best amenities that makes your mood best as having a pool table where groups comes and have competitions among each other and enjoy.

Every month there is event organized in the “kaffee Mast Hai” which is open24/7 make atmosphere more vibrant and energetic we invite writers, bloggers, and stand-up comedian as a part of our amenities to make you feel more connected.

Join here with your friends that enjoy your weekend with best happing place for food and enjoyment in Ahmedabad.