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  • Separate Breakfast Menu

  • Live Sports Streaming

  • Work Friendly

  • Free Wifi

  • Open 24*7

  • Take Away Available

  • Intimate Celebration Area

  • Weekly Events

Discover Kaffee Mast Hai: Premier & Best Cafe in Ahmedabad For Excellence in Dining and Entertainment

Welcome to Kaffee Mast Hai, the quintessential destination for those seeking unparalleled indulgence and entertainment in Ahmedabad.

With an array of offerings, including live streaming of sports matches, refreshing mocktails, and delectable options ranging from Italian and Mexican to Indian cuisines accompanied by live music performances every weekend, Kaffee Mast Hai sets the standard for an extraordinary dining experience.

Kaffee Mast Hai

Why Choose Kaffee Mast Hai?

24-Hour Cafe

Kaffee Mast Hai stands as a beacon of convenience, open 24/7 to cater to your culinary desires, be it a late-night craving or an early-morning rejuvenation.

Live Streaming

Immerse yourself in the world of entertainment while relishing your meal or savouring your favourite mocktail with our live streaming screens, showcasing your beloved shows, sports events, or movies.

Culinary Excellence

Our menu boasts an enticing selection of pizzas and pasta, meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients, delivering a symphony of flavours with every bite.

Live Music on Weekends

Elevate your weekends with captivating live music performances on Saturdays and Sundays, creating a harmonious ambience to complement your dining experience.

Affordable Dining

At Kaffee Mast Hai, we firmly believe in offering quality dining experiences without straining your budget. An affordable meal, which highly ensures exceptional value for your culinary journey.

A Place for Everyone

Kaffee Mast Hai is a haven for diverse gatherings where you can take part in events happening every month. Also, looking for a private venue to celebrate your Birthday? KMH has you covered!

Visit Kaffee Mast Hai Today

Looking for a weekend venue to chill? KMH will get the music with a live singer and delicious food as an add on to make your weekend perfect, Kaffee Mast Hai welcomes you with open arms.

Step into the world of Kaffee Mast Hai and discover the unparalleled convenience of a 24-hour cafe, the enchantment of live music, and the indulgence of our mocktails, pizzas, and pasta.
Whether you crave a quick bite or wish to savour a leisurely meal, Kaffee Mast Hai invites you to join us and experience why we have been honoured as the “Best 24/7 Cafe in Ahmedabad” by Times Food in 2019.
We eagerly await your presence as we continue to be your preferred destination for exceptional dining, enjoyment, and lasting memories. Come and be a part of the Kaffee Mast Hai experience today!


Is “Kaffee Mast Hai” a suitable cafe in Ahmedabad for celebrating birthdays?

Absolutely! “Kaffee Mast Hai” is a fantastic birthday celebration cafe in Ahmedabad, known for its unique ambience and special arrangements to make your birthday memorable.

Why is “Kaffee Mast Hai” considered one of the best cafes in Ahmedabad?

“Kaffee Mast Hai” has earned its reputation as the best cafe in Ahmedabad due to its exceptional coffee, diverse menu, and cosy atmosphere, which makes it a top choice for coffee lovers and food enthusiasts alike.

Does “Kaffee Mast Hai” offer live music performances?

Yes, We regularly host live music events featuring talented local musicians, creating a captivating dining experience.

Is “Kaffee Mast Hai” a famous cafe in Ahmedabad?

Yes, “Kaffee Mast Hai” has become one of the famous cafes in Ahmedabad, recognized for its unique ambience, delicious offerings, and engaging live music performances.

What can I expect from the live music experience at “Kaffee Mast Hai” in Ahmedabad?

When you visit “Kaffee Mast Hai,” you can expect an enchanting live music cafe experience in Ahmedabad, with talented artists performing a variety of genres, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Are there any special events or themed nights at “Kaffee Mast Hai”?

Yes, “Kaffee Mast Hai” frequently hosts special events, themed nights, and open mic sessions. Be sure to check our event calendar to stay updated on upcoming activities and performances.