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The Masala County: Indulge in the most authentic experience created to provide you with the taste of Punjab and an experience of fine dine in Ahmedabad

Indulge in the rich and flavorful delights of North India at The Masala County, your top choice for authentic and delectable dishes in Ahmedabad. 
With an Earthy-themed interior, a unique menu includes special items like millet roti and Gucchi mushroom and a live classical music special on Saturdays. The Masala County is where you can experience the best of North Indian flavours.

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Why does The Masala County have the Best North Indian Food in Ahmedabad?

Authentic North Indian Cuisine

We take pride in serving authentic North Indian and Punjabi dishes bursting with flavour. From buttery naans to spicy curries, our menu is a journey through the heart of India.

Earthy-Themed Ambience

Immerse yourself in the exotic atmosphere of our Egyptian-themed restaurant, where you can enjoy your meals in a setting that transports you to a different world.

Speciality Items

Indulge in unique and mouthwatering dishes like millet roti, multi-grain roti, and exquisite Gucchi mushroom (morels) preparation, handcrafted by our talented chefs.

Live Classical Music

Make your Saturdays special with live classical music performances that add a melodic touch to your dining experience.

Affordable Luxury

Enjoy the luxury of fine dining without breaking the bank. The cost for two people typically ranges from ₹1200 to ₹1500, ensuring you can savour our culinary delights without budget constraints.

Ample Seating

With a seating capacity of 110 people, The Masala County is perfect for intimate dinners, family gatherings, and celebrations.

Visit The Masala County Today

Whether you’re craving the comforting flavours of North India or the spicy goodness of North Indian cuisine, We offer an extensive menu to satisfy your taste buds. 
Join us for lunch from 12 pm to 3 pm or dinner from 7 pm to 11 pm and experience the best North Indian food in Ahmedabad.
Step into a world of culinary excellence at The Masala County , where every dish tells a delicious story.


What makes The Masala County stand out as the best place for North Indian and Punjabi food in Ahmedabad?

The Masal County offers authentic North Indian and Punjabi cuisine with flavorful dishes, an exotic Egyptian-themed ambience, unique speciality items, live classical music, ample seating, and affordable luxury.

What can diners expect from the menu at The Masala County?

The Masala County’s menu includes a variety of authentic North Indian and Punjabi dishes, including buttery naans, spicy curries, and unique items like millet roti and Gucchi mushrooms, handcrafted by talented chefs.

What is unique about The Masala County’s ambience?

The Masala County provides an Egyptian-themed interior, creating an exotic atmosphere that transports diners to a different world while enjoying their meals.

Do you offer any special events or entertainment?

Yes, The Masala County hosts live classical music performances on Saturdays, adding a melodic touch to the dining experience.

What is the seating capacity at The Masala County, and for what occasions is it suitable?

The Masala County has a seating capacity of 110, making it suitable for intimate dinners, family gatherings, and celebrations.

Is dining at The Masala County affordable?

Yes, The Masala County offers the luxury of fine dining at an affordable price range, with the cost for two people typically ranging from ₹1200 to ₹1500, ensuring a delightful dining experience without budget constraints.

What are the restaurant’s operating hours?

The Masala County is open for lunch from 12:00 to 03:00 and dinner from 07:00 to 11:00

What type of cuisine does The Masala County specialize in?

The Masala County specializes in North Indian and Punjabi cuisine, offering a diverse menu that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

What is the overall dining experience like at The Masala County?

Dining at The Masala County promises an exceptional experience, with delicious food, a unique ambience, live music, and affordable luxury. It is a top choice for North Indian and Punjabi cuisine in Ahmedabad.