Sizlling Shihai Menu

Embark on a culinary adventure at Shihai’s Fusion of Flavors, where every dish tells a tale of fusion and innovation. Sizzling Shihai Menu is a symphony of global flavours, harmoniously combining Japanese, Chinese, Continental, and Thai cuisines. From the tantalizing Maki and uramaki Sushi Boat to the comforting Thai Green Curry, each dish is a masterpiece crafted with precision and passion.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of flavours, where traditional recipes meet contemporary twists. Whether you’re a sushi enthusiast, curry connoisseur, or dessert lover, Shihai’s offers a dining experience that transcends boundaries and satisfies every craving. Join us and savour the essence of global gastronomy in every bite.

CuisineDescriptionPrice (INR)
Maki & Uramaki Sushi BoatAssorted sushi boat with Osaka Tempura and more550
Osaka Tempura Vegetable SushiTempura-fried veggies on rice, wrapped in seaweed410
Nagoya Mushroom SushiColourful and cheesy Korean-inspired sushi430
Cheesy Veg Tokyo SushiTokyo-inspired sushi with a cheesy vegetable twist460
Shihai Special California SushiSignature California roll with a unique flair460
Avocado and Butterfly Pea UramakiVibrant uramaki featuring avocado and butterfly pea490
Asparagus Tempura SushiCrispy asparagus tempura on a bed of sushi rice500
Tokyo Fried SushiTokyo-style fried sushi delights450
Korean Cheese Rainbow SushiSavoury dumplings stuffed with flavorful mushrooms470
Spinach & Corn Dim SumSteamed dumplings filled with spinach and corn300
Zucchini & Red Bell Pepper Dim SumDumplings with zucchini and red bell pepper filling330
Water Chestnut Dim SumDim sum with a delightful water chestnut filling350
Mushroom Dim SumBauzi filled with tofu, mushrooms, and chilli basil390
Jain Dim SumDumplings with a Jain twist, suitable for all diets320
Vegetable Dim SumClassic vegetarian dim sum with assorted veggies230
Edamame Dim SumDim sum filled with the goodness of edamame430
Cheese Chilli Mexican BaoMexican-inspired bao with a cheesy chili filling130
Mushroom Bao With Truffle OilBao buns featuring mushrooms and truffle oil200
Dragon Paneer BaoPan-Asian delight with dragon paneer filling150
Chilli Honey Lotus Root BaoBao buns with a sweet and spicy lotus root filling140
Pan Fried Corn Soya BaoPan-fried bao with a delicious corn and soya filling130
Baked Hoisin Eggplant BaoBao stuffed with baked hoisin eggplant140
Tofu & Mushroom Chilli Basil BauziBauzi filled with tofu, mushrooms, and chili basil300
Corn Cheese And Water Chestnut BaoBao filled with corn, cheese, and water chestnut350
Tempura Bao CanapesCanapes featuring tempura for a crunchy delight350
CuisineDescriptionPrice (INR)
Steamed MomosTraditional steamed momos in three variations240/300/280
Cheesy Corn MomosMomos stuffed with cheesy corn goodness300
Tandoori Makhani MomosMakhani-flavored tandoori momos310
Wok Tossed Sizzling MomosSizzling momos with a wok-tossed medley280/320/300
Assorted Momos PlatterPlatter featuring an assortment of momos350
Butter Garlic Pan Fried DumplingPan-fried dumplings with buttery garlic twist320
CuisineDescriptionPrice (INR)
Shihai Signature Puffy SoupSignature puffy soup from Shihai300
Thai Red Puffy SoupThai-inspired red puffy soup300
Asparagus & Truffle SoupCreamy soup with asparagus and truffle350
Oriental RainbowColorful and flavorful Oriental Rainbow210
Tom Yum PhakThai-inspired Tom Yum soup with vegetables210
Man ChowClassic Man Chow soup220
Lemon CorianderRefreshing lemon coriander soup200
Thai Winter SoupWinter-themed Thai soup210
ThupkaTraditional Thupka soup220
Burmese Khoa Suey SoupBurmese Khoa Suey soup230
Miso SoupJapanese Miso soup220
Veg Dumpling SoupSoup with flavorful vegetable dumplings210
Bell Pepper BisqueCreamy bisque with bell pepper240
Smoked TomatoSmoky-flavored tomato soup220
Mexican Tortilla SoupSpicy Mexican tortilla soup230
Zuppa De VerdureItalian vegetable soup250
Caprese Burrata SaladSalad with Caprese and Burrata500
Warm Roasted SaladSalad with warm roasted ingredients300
Roasted Apple And Pineapple SaladSalad featuring roasted apple and pineapple290
Caesar SaladClassic Caesar salad310
Crispy Shanghai VegetableCrispy Shanghai-style vegetable dish300
Devil Puffy Cocktail SurprisePaneer , Chaap, mushroom And Vegetable Tossed With Sweet Chilli Sauce340
Spider PaneerSpicy and flavorful Spider Paneer340
Chilli Pepper PaneerPaneer dish with a spicy chili kick350
Indonesian Satay (Choice of Sauce)Indonesian satay with a choice of sauce370
Jade TofuTofu dish with a jade-inspired twist380
Crispy Corn Hong KongCrispy corn dish with a Hong Kong touch300
Manchurian DryDry Manchurian dish290
Chilly Honey Lotus RootSpicy and sweet lotus root dish350
Cantonese RollsClassic Cantonese rolls390
Hunan PaneerSpicy Hunan-style paneer dish360
Mexican Coin RostiMexican-inspired coin rosti350
Red Wine Dragon ChaapDragon Chaap with a red wine twist360
Cheese Cream CanapesCanapes with a creamy cheese filling320
Corn & Cheese CroquettesCrispy croquettes with corn and cheese filling340
Peri-Peri PaneerPaneer dish with peri-peri flavor380
Baked NachosBaked nachos with a flavorful topping370
Spinach CigarSpinach-filled cigar rolls340
Cottage Cheese CilantroCottage cheese with cilantro dressing370
Cajun Spice Mushroom & Cottage CheeseSpicy Cajun-spiced mushroom and cottage cheese dish360
Korean Style ShashlikKorean-style skewers with shashlik360
Spicy Harissa ChaapSpicy Harissa-flavored chaap330
Korean Style Mushroom DuplexKorean-style duplex with mushrooms340
Hunan PaneerSpicy Hunan-style paneer dish350
Crispy Cheese BallCrispy cheese ball appetizer330
Baked Pineapple MacaroniBaked macaroni with pineapple390
Baked EnchiladasBaked enchiladas with a delicious filling380
Baked LasagnaClassic baked lasagna425
Baked Volcano Soya ChaapBaked volcano-style soya chaap425
Penne NeapolitanPenne pasta in Neapolitan sauce350
Mornay PastaPasta in Mornay sauce380
Mamma Rossa PastaMamma Rossa-inspired pasta390
Spaghetti Aglio-Olio PastaSpaghetti in aglio-olio sauce400
Burata Basilico PastaPasta with burrata and basilico550
Veg Signature Steak SizzlerSignature vegetarian steak sizzler590/640
Truffle Burrata SizzlerSizzler with truffle-flavored burrata700
Exotic Vegetable EspagnolSpanish-inspired sizzler with exotic vegetables610
Alexander Baked Parmigiana & Truffle OilBaked parmigiana with truffle oil700
Veg Club SizzlerVegetarian club sizzler650
Four Cheese CutletCutlet with a blend of four cheeses660
Dragon Sriracha SizzlerSizzler with dragon sriracha sauce620
Baked Ratatouille Cheese ChilliBaked ratatouille with a cheesy chili twist650
Burst SizzlerSizzling dish that bursts with flavor650
Fame of ChinaChinese-inspired sizzler550
Yakitori SizzlerJapanese yakitori-style sizzler599
Tibetan SizzlerTibetan-inspired sizzler620
Red Wine Surprise SizzlerSizzler with a red wine surprise700
Vegetable ShashlikVegetable shashlik sizzler620
Cottage Cheese with Coriander PestoCottage cheese with coriander pesto660
Manchurian ShucaiManchurian-style Shucai sizzler600
Oriental Pepper PaneerOriental pepper-flavored paneer sizzler640
Sizzling Shihai SignatureSizzling dish with Shihai’s signature touch670
CuisineDescriptionPrice (INR)
Jasmine Fried RiceFragrant jasmine-infused fried rice350
Cantonese Fried RiceClassic Cantonese-style fried rice300
Bamboo and Mushroom Goring RiceRice dish with bamboo shoots and mushrooms310
Khao PhadkreeThai-style fried rice with a distinctive flavor330
Yangzhou Chow Fahn (Vegetable/Mushroom/Paneer)Yangzhou-style fried rice with choice of filling330
Triple Sezwan Fried RiceSpicy Sezwan-flavored fried rice350
Soya Chaap Fried RiceFried rice with flavorful soya chaap350
Tom-Yum Fried RiceThai-inspired fried rice with Tom-Yum twist320
Bhut Jaloka Fried RiceFried rice with a fiery Bhut Jaloka kick330
Burnt Garlic Fried RiceFried rice infused with the rich aroma of burnt garlic330
Stir FriedAssorted stir-fried vegetables370
Quick Fried Tofu with Green PeppersTofu stir-fried with vibrant green peppers430
Phad Phak Ruam MitrStir-fried mix of assorted vegetables380
Wok Fried Paneer Rolled in Your ChoiceWok-fried paneer rolled in a sauce of your choice390
CuisineDescriptionPrice (INR)
Baked Tax Max BonanzaBaked dish with a delightful Tax Max Bonanza twist650
Mexican Maize Quesadilla SizzlerSizzling sizzler featuring Mexican maize quesadilla650
Tex Mexican Sizzling GoldSizzling dish with Tex-Mexican flair630
CuisineDescriptionPrice (INR)
Thai Green CurryClassic Thai green curry370
Bangkok Red CurrySpicy and flavorful red curry380
Penang Mushroom CurryMushroom curry with Penang flavors390
Laksa Curry BowlBowl of Laksa-infused curry380
Massa Man CurryMassa Man-flavored Thai curry370
CuisineDescriptionPrice (INR)
DaarsanSweet and crispy Daarsan250
Deep Fried Ice CreamCrispy deep-fried ice cream220
Sizzling BrownieClassic sizzling brownie300
Nutella ChurrosChurros with Nutella320
Baked Cheese CakeClassic baked cheesecake350
Apple Pie with Ice CreamWarm apple pie served with ice cream350
Sizzling Choco Loco CigarSizzling chocolate-lover’s delight300
Tiramisu SurpriseTiramisu with a surprising twist320