When Was the Last Time You Pampered Your Father

As kids we love both our parents but believe it or not we are always a little biased towards our mothers. The moment we grow up, we get a little extra caring towards her, little more efforts are put in to pamper her. Often we ignore one tough guy in this process, Dad.

He always looks so tough and strong and more often than not it occurs to us that he is all good and our attention is mostly focused on our cute moms.

But inside this tough exterior lies a very soft-hearted person, a caring dad, a doting dad who bears everything for our happiness, who works hours and hours to make sure that we have everything we need.

Once we are self-reliant, he is the proudest man on the planet, have you ever thought, when was the last time you actually pampered your dad? When was the last time, you said, ‘I love you, Dad’?

The funniest part, whenever we do try and buy a gift for our cute yet tough dads, their response is more of a concern as to why we have spent so much? The reason, the only reason is that they have worked so hard all their life to earn for us and for the family, they are accustomed and have become habitual to not buying anything special for themselves. The concept gift for self is just so new to them.

That is going to change now. It is time to pamper the man who has pampered us our entire life, man who has made sure that the smile on our faces stays forever.

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